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Intuitive Modpod Modular Design System for Pets Prepares for October 31 Kickstarter Launch

The “furniture pets can finally use” designed by pet enthusiast Maxine Ang enables humans and animals to cohabitate while allowing everyone from shoebox to mansion homeowners to maintain a stylish décor .

Singapore – September 23, 2019 – Brainchild of Maxine Ang, Singapore-based animal lover and self-proclaimed “Chief Animal Slave” to all the furry friends who have touched her life, the innovative Modpod modular design system for pets is preparing for an October 31 Kickstarter launch, with a pre-launch site set up at allowing interested parties to sign up for updates and receive special “early bird” pricing to support the campaign.

Dubbed “the furniture pets can finally use,” Modpod ’s modular design offers a way for humans and their four-legged companions to cohabit while allowing everyone from shoebox to mansion homeowners to maintain a stylish décor, bridging the gap between chic “human furniture” and pieces that look out of place to accommodate pets’ needs.

Growing up in Singapore and becoming accustomed to living in small quarters, I wanted to change the way we all live with our beloved pets,” explains Ang. “With some 16 cats in my childhood home, our furniture was constantly destroyed by their tenacious claws, prompting me to think back to that time when designing the Modpod system; indeed, Modpod has been engineered with cats and small animals in mind, and buyers can rest assured knowing the product was put through rigorous testing while my bunnies, dogs and cats all made it their home...and their throne.”

Being modular and configurable, Modpod allows users to create an innovative and all-inclusive home for family and “fur kids,” whether they live in a shoebox apartment or on acres of land. Further, each Modpod cube can hold up to 120kg, and can be configured as a bed frame for the entire family to enjoy.

According to Ang, interested parties can reserve a special pre-launch price that even Kickstarter “early bird” backers will not be privy to, with regular updates about the launch to be rolled out throughout autumn of this year.

Close as anyone could possibly be to their pets since the day she was born, Ang found herself succumbing to their many needs, so much so that she started her first business wholly based on her animals. A pioneer in e-commerce pet food delivery, she subsequently grew her operation into one of Singapore’s most prominent all-natural pet supply distributors, her own pets and many others’ enjoying quality food at reduced rates for eight straight years.

“Finding my first abandoned kitten 13 years ago started a chain reaction which opened my home over the years to all abandoned kittens in drains and bushes, and despite rehoming many of them, we still ended up with 16,” recalls Ang. “With 16 cats in the house, our furniture was constantly being destroyed, and it was this memory in particular that set the idea of Modpod in motion for me.

“In being accustomed to the hustle involved in launching a business, making Modpod a reality is something I truly want to achieve as ‘Chief Animal Slave’ to all the furry friends who have touched my life...and to one day also provide all the other animals living on the street a temporary shelter.

All information about Modpod and the launch campaign can be obtained by visiting

Editor’s Notes:

About ModPod

“Building a world for our pets. One pet at a time.”

Introducing modpod, a modular design that fits perfectly into any shoebox home or mansion. Built by you, you decide if your coffee table is also Scooby's bed or if Kitty's hideout is also your shelf system!

For further information, please contact: Maxine Ang
65 9685 3929 /

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