• The furniture your pet can finally use is here.

    • Is your cat scratching up your furniture?
    • Do you find that your cat is often bored?
    • Is kitty defecating outside of his box around the home?
    • Is Garfield's cat tree looking out of place in your living room?

    Introducing modpod, a modular cat furniture that is scratch-proof, water-resistant and fits perfectly into any shoebox home or living space. Entirely built by you, you decide if your coffee table is also Kitty's bed and how big or small it's gonna be!


    How do I get my paws on one?

    Join our modster community and find out how you can buy a modpod and get one more free!

  • Features

    Empowering human slaves with the capacity to create and innovate within their home and community

    Universal Modular Design

    Design. Space. Endless Possibilities.

    modpod is modular and configurable for you to create an innovative and all-inclusive home for family and furkids.

    Strong and Durable

    A Complete System.

    Each modpod cube can hold up to 120kg. Your modpod can become a bed frame for the entire family to enjoy, even Kitty who can snooze in it at night.

    Transforms Living Spaces

    Practical. Stylish. With A Cause.

    As the modpod enhances your home, we as modsters are helping stray animals with shelter all around the world.


    No more scratched sofas.

    We have tested modpods with our army of animals to make it scratch proof and water resistant as well. Maintenance is now a breeze!

    Stackable & Mountable

    Mount on Walls. Build a Bookshelf.

    Whether you live in a shoebox apartment or on acres of land, there is a modpod for you to build high or low. Kitty's playspace or bed is part of your home decor too.

    Easy Assembly

    No tools. Use Only Your Hands.

    No tools needed. It connects with hexagonal connectors that fits right into the grooves. Comes with wall mounts for fixing onto walls.

  • Reserve Now


    A Purrfect $5 Deal Worth More Than Your Starbucks Coffee
    A Purrfect $5 Deal Worth More Than Your Starbucks Coffee
    Reserve for $5 and get

    ONE Modpod Reservation
    ONE anti-ant pet bowl
    - Recyclable
    - Environmentally- friendly food-grade polypropylene
    - Highly resistant to acids, chemicals and heat
    - Raised at 7cm off the ground, your cat no longer needs to strain its neck while eating
    - A moat design keeps pesky ants away from Kitty's food!
    Coming soon

    MODSTERS have been furiously inquiring on our launch and WE HEAR YOU!

    We are pre-launching for modsters to RESERVE your 1 cube modpod at only $1!

    These super early birds will then be pinged a CATastrophic good price way lower than launch price.
    Coming soon
  • How It Works

    hello@modpod.life if you are confused



    Reserve now to unlock a special pre-launch price that even Kickstarter early bird backers will not be privy to. Every reservation we get now is pivotal to making Modpod a reality!


    Pay Online

    When we launch Kickstarter in 2020, you will be able to receive regular updates on the process of getting your Modpod and even unlock stretch goals!



    Upon completion of our Kickstarter, we will then begin the process of shipping your prized Modpods out to you for your creation. Don't forget to share your achievements with us then!



    We are designed in Singapore, and we ship to Singapore, Malaysia, most parts of Asia, the USA!


    Email us if you want to distribute.

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    September 26, 2019
    Modpod Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Modular Furniture System Designed for Cats Prepares for Kickstarter Launch The “furniture cats can finally use” designed by pet enthusiast Maxine Ang Bishko enables humans and cats to cohabitate while allowing everyone from shoebox to big spaces to...
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